Peasville started the 22nd October, 1990 when author Richard Kontos found a dried up pea on top of a pizza in a Brisbane, Australia, Camp Hill Pizza Hut restaurant. He and his dining companions tossed the pea from side to side and rolled it round giving it quaint names like Inspector Peabody who later changed his name to Peabobby, Sweetpea, Snowpea and other names all referring to peas.

Richard felt the desire to write down a story he had in his mind about this pea and asked the waitress for a piece of paper and a pencil. She gave him a serviette and a typical sawn-off pencil, and the first story was written there and then. After that Richard still had inspirations of stories about peas, and during the rest of that year 6 more stories were written and the town of Peasville was born. At the end of the first twelve months, Peasville was nothing more than a hobby for Richard. However, upon hearing one of his stories read out aloud after church by Phillipea Gaunt who became Phillipea the narrator, he noticed the expressions on peoples' faces and a number of people came up to him and said that the story was great and he should continue writing. In the following year Richard wrote 25 more story books about the Tiny Town of Peasville.

In 1993, the author Richard Kontos shut out everything in his life and concentrated on the job at hand, building a town called Peasville, writing stories and bringing the whole concept to life. All the characters were developing, each one receiving its own personality, the streets of the town were named, and associated aspects such as street layout, houses, house numbers, who lived in which house, etc. were established.

The whole Peasville plan started coming together.

Today there are 65 different characters -- 15 main characters, 25 co-stars and the rest are walk-throughs. Then he started developing the Critters. The town planning is complete, and all the characters know where they live Ha Ha. A dance troupe of children conduct 'Peasville On Parade', with life-sized Peasville characters, in shopping centres and school fetes, etc.

Richard has written 304 stories, along with an opera, pantomimes, video tapes and movie scripts, all with a non-violent theme, for young children, and has licenced Mr Authorpeadick's Peasville Studios Pty Ltd to further develop the theme. Richard is now employed by Mr Authorpeadick's Peasville Studios Pty Ltd to continue and aid the expansion of the Tiny Town Of Peasville.

Author | Richard .A. Kontos


Born Richard Anthony Stephen, on the 8th of February 1949, to parents George (Parents from Kastelorizo) and Mavis (nie Smalley from Irish stock, county Klare) Kontos (shortened from Kontuzoglus) at the Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The fifth great-grandson, of explorers Mary and James Ready from North Queensland, Australia.

Educated at St Joseph's West End School, Richard has five inspirational children, Cameron, Rebekah Anne , Allanah Klare, Jiki and Whistle Alanieta (Richarl).

Richard lived half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in southeast Queensland. His then home, (he built it himself) is a beautiful stone colonial cottage set in the middle of three acres, with his studios adjacent. This is where he received all his inspiration for the stories he writes. All the events and stories about his Peasville Characters have happened in and about Richard's home, and when he reads you one of his many books(over 300) he can also tell you the 'how', 'when', and 'why'. Every Peasville Character is based on a real pea son (person).

His Testamony

'In or about October 1990, I was siting in my office on the south side of Brisbane, Shailer Park.

I was a master agent.

I had over 500 sales people working for me selling insurance products. Colonel Mutual had given me AU$800,000 to setup a school and training program to teach new sales people how to sell their products.

We had 4 or more pastors working at the time and they all tried to convert me to Christianity. I would not have a bar of it and would say to them ' if God wants me he can write me a letter. I had money so I didn’t need God.

During sales meetings each Friday I would enthuse the sales team with words like 'can’t you feel the rain, can’t you feel it' not really understanding what I was saying.

I would let those that made a sale pick a number on a large chocolate wheel, if their number came up I would double their commission for that week.

It was an exciting time. One day a Pastor named Doug Lashbrook came into my office and asked to see me. I said yes, as I thought he might have a new way of making money.

Instead Pastor Doug sat in front of my desk and placed his brief case on his lap took out his bible, I said 'oh no Doug, give me a break'. He started what felt like talking at me, so I pretended to be interested. I remember saying in all the sales meetings that I would expect God to write me a letter if He wanted me.

Well as I pretended to show interest in what Pastor Doug was saying, I started flicking through the pages of his Bible that he had placed in front of me on my desk.

Within minutes I found myself reading words like " Brother, there is no need for us to write to you as we are sending someone to talk to you'. Not in those exact words but I was so shocked at what I had read that’s how I remember it. I kept flicking the pages backwards and forwards and everywhere my eye glanced ... there it was again. I went very quiet and I must have offended Pastor Doug As I can’t remember him leaving my office.

I sat at my desk for a while, not understanding what had just happened.

Then I asked the reception girls if Doug was still in the building. Mrs Lashbrook recalls me phoning Doug and asking him something I can't remember that part.

After some time I asked the girls at the front desk if there were any of those 'Christians' left in the office.

They told me that a sales person called Aileen De zzaer was still available. I remembered Aileen as she ran a pray meeting on certain days for the large number of Christians that we had as sales people.

I went to one of their meetings and I was spooked out of my tree. Now I felt different.

Aileen rang around to find a pastor for me to talk to. She wondered why I let Pastor Doug go; I couldn't answer that at that time.

Aileen found Pastor Allen Fielding from the Reahma Church in Rochdale a suburb of Brisbane.

She drove me there, I meet the Pastor and he was part 3 of my new life and walk with My Lord Jesus.

I knew that Christians would tell each other what God told them they could expect from Him soon. I also knew that in some cases guilt or something like that would drive certain other Christians to deliver that which they had heard to the person telling the story of God's expected gift.

I didn't want that, I wanted to know that God was for real and true without do "gooders" stepping in for God.

So I never said a word of what I had on my heart to anybody. Sometime later I found a dried up pea on top of a pizza.'

....... and now you are reading this ......

~May our God bless you~